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Hurricane Harvey Hits Texas

Monday after Harvey Hit Texas. I have lived in Texas my whole life. I've never seen anything like this before.

Home Life

Love One Another

The news is reporting hate crimes. Remember: NO HATE - Love One Another         

Social Media

Law of Attraction – Target Audience

I am a believer in the Law of Attraction, have read the books, practiced the methods and have manifested my blessed life. I want to share with you my affiliate link to the (Book Series on Amazon.)  Basically, it teaches you that whatever you put out there (negative or positive) you will attract those things… Continue reading Law of Attraction – Target Audience


Load Web Control via Drop Down Bar

When you have a lot of information on one web page you can organize that data into groups. You can then program your page so that only a specific group of information is displayed at one time. Then add a drop down menu to your page and program it so that when a user makes… Continue reading Load Web Control via Drop Down Bar

SEO, Social Media

Rank on YouTube & Google With a Video #CampsiteCoders

Yesterday I documented my success on getting "Campsite Coders" to rank on Google even before the website is complete.  Keep in mind, Campsite Coders is just a little "side project".  I'm not seriously running it like I would a business - it's just a hobby that I work on in the evenings and occasional weekends.… Continue reading Rank on YouTube & Google With a Video #CampsiteCoders


Campsite Coders

Today, I want to introduce you to a new website that I created; Campsite Coders. Campsite Coders is a website that was built in one day and only contained one page the day I uploaded it to my web server. This website does not have a lot of content so the chance of it ranking very… Continue reading Campsite Coders

Home Life

Star Wars Home Office

Most of my time spent at home is in front of the computer - in my home office. Since I'm in there a lot I wanted to make it an enjoyable environment. So I hired an artist to come in and paint a huge mural on my wall. It took about 2 weeks to complete… Continue reading Star Wars Home Office



What is SMX and who cares? Search Marketing Expo is the place to be for those responsible for various web pages of their company website to return on the first page in search results. Learn about keyword research, target audiences and how to mark up the code of your website to improve the SEO results… Continue reading SMX


i-phone & i-pad Detection

Problem: Apple devices (i-phones, i-pads, etc) do not support Flash files but instead will just display a blank white page. This can leave the website visitor confused.  The Web Developer needs to create a message letting the user know that their browser doesn't support this feature and/or redirect them to a different web page with alternative content.… Continue reading i-phone & i-pad Detection


Device Detection Code

Detecting device type based on features Basic logic: if (hasTouch) { if (isSmall) {device = PHONE; } else {device = TABLET; } } else {device = DESKTOP;} Device detected: function hasTouch() { return Modernizr.touch;} function isSmall() {return window.matchMedia("(max-width: 650px)").matches;} function detectDevice() { if (hasTouch()) { if (isSmall()) {device = 'phone';  } else {device = 'tablet';  … Continue reading Device Detection Code