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How’s it rankin’?

So you have a website. Great. You type the name of your business in Google and you find your website. Awesome. Now think about this. How many people will go to Google and type in the name of your company? Most people go to Google and type in a general term like a service or… Continue reading How’s it rankin’?

Mobile Development

Google Maps

I have been using Google Maps for several years now - because well, I have always said "I'm geographically challenged". I like that Google Maps is also on my smartphone (android) so even if I'm out walking around I can find my way around. If you haven't already downloaded the Google Map Navigation App to your… Continue reading Google Maps

Social Media

Google announces the +1 Button

Today Google announced that they will be rolling out a new "service" called the  " +1 " button which looks to be a copy-cat version of Facebook's " like " button. But in order to view the button, you'll have to be logged in (to Google).  This will start to be a good indicator as to… Continue reading Google announces the +1 Button