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Rank on YouTube & Google With a Video #CampsiteCoders

Yesterday I documented my success on getting "Campsite Coders" to rank on Google even before the website is complete.  Keep in mind, Campsite Coders is just a little "side project".  I'm not seriously running it like I would a business - it's just a hobby that I work on in the evenings and occasional weekends.… Continue reading Rank on YouTube & Google With a Video #CampsiteCoders


Campsite Coders

Today, I want to introduce you to a new website that I created; Campsite Coders. Campsite Coders is a website that was built in one day and only contained one page the day I uploaded it to my web server. This website does not have a lot of content so the chance of it ranking very… Continue reading Campsite Coders



What is SMX and who cares? Search Marketing Expo is the place to be for those responsible for various web pages of their company website to return on the first page in search results. Learn about keyword research, target audiences and how to mark up the code of your website to improve the SEO results… Continue reading SMX


YouTube – Adding SEO to your Videos

Power Point to YouTube Earlier this week I gave a presentation on Getting your Business on Social Media. I later took the power point presentation and converted it into a video and then uploaded it to YouTube and added music to the background. If you are interested in this topic watch the video. If not,… Continue reading YouTube – Adding SEO to your Videos


SEO Starter Guide

Google provides a starter guide for those wanting to learn SEO (search engine optimization). This document is a good read even if you are the business owner and will be hiring someone to do the SEO for you. Although it will show examples of the necessary code to add to your web pages, it also… Continue reading SEO Starter Guide

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How’s it rankin’?

So you have a website. Great. You type the name of your business in Google and you find your website. Awesome. Now think about this. How many people will go to Google and type in the name of your company? Most people go to Google and type in a general term like a service or… Continue reading How’s it rankin’?


How to Outrank Your Competition in Google

See on - Multimedia News Interview with Lee Odden, who is the author of Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing. In this interview, Lee talks about ranking high in Google, the best way to optimize your online presence, how SEO (search engine optimization) is changing,… Continue reading How to Outrank Your Competition in Google