Flickr Photos

Here is an image embedded from Flickr. The only reason I'm showing you this is for those wondering if you can link to images that you have hosted on one site and embed the image on your own website. Yes, you can do this. Here is the code:


What is a WIKI?

A wiki is a website created by a group of people - all whom have editing rights. These are great for things like planning an event, project management, community created glossaries, and more. Instead of e-mails going back and forth and your inbox being filled with e-mails you have been "cc:" d on, when you're… Continue reading What is a WIKI?


Overhead Door Commercial


For all of life's ups and downs -- Overhead Door can get your garage door fixed or replaced. Find a distributor near you at http://www.overheaddoor.com

EXTRA, Home Life

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

I hardly ever eat cereal - usually because there is no milk in the house. But when I do - - I eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch! YUM. I love cinnamon. The brand of Cinnamon Toast Crunch that I prefer is from General Mills. Did you notice the little GM logo in the top left corner… Continue reading Cinnamon Toast Crunch


Star Wars That I Used To Know


Just sticking a video on my blog for fun.



If you are a Web Developer - you may be interested in the following websites. These are some of my favorites: Dynamic Drive w3 Schools Or check out my other blog for more programming code examples.