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HTML Spanish

Below is the html code for writing spanish in HTML code. Each symbol has five lines of code only for this demonstration. Normally, just type the HTML code (the second line of each symbol below). Character / HTML / Windows / Macintosh / Description Now if you need help with English to Spanish translation try… Continue reading HTML Spanish

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Displaying Code in a Blog

Even though I have created several websites over the past ten years I never did have a reason to display code until I recently. On http://www.multimediadesigns.net I just typed before the code and after the code. But that doesn't work very well on WordPress. I came across some helpful informaton and decided to share it.… Continue reading Displaying Code in a Blog

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No Follow Links

Quit Following Me! This is how the HTML markup for an ordinary link might look: This is how the link would look after the nofollow attribute has been added, with the attribute portion shown in bold Reference: http://blog.searchenginewatch.com/050118-204728 If Google sees nofollow as part of a link, it will: NOT follow through to that page.… Continue reading No Follow Links

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How to write a basic function

Functions are similar to subroutes with the difference being that functions return a value. Functions can be used when you want to run the same code against several pieces of data. Instead of writing the code out for each piece of data, write it once, put it in a function then call the function from… Continue reading How to write a basic function

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What is a WIKI?

A wiki is a website created by a group of people - all whom have editing rights. These are great for things like planning an event, project management, community created glossaries, and more. Instead of e-mails going back and forth and your inbox being filled with e-mails you have been "cc:" d on, when you're… Continue reading What is a WIKI?

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Create a Search Box

I am going to be looking at different ways to add "Search" functionality to web sites. I have heard Google offers a search box you can add to your site, and I'll probably use that one, just because I love Google. But today I learned of "PicoSearch". They have a free one you can add… Continue reading Create a Search Box

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Dynamic Keywords via VB.NET

If you want to control the keywords of your pages by keeping that information either in a separate file or a database then you can code your asp.net page to dynamically render the keywords for that page. Note: this also works for dynamically displaying your page's descriptions. How to code in C#

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Dynamic Page Titles in ASP.NET

How to code DYNAMIC PAGE TITLES in your asp.net page: This method allows for control of the SEO suggested Page Titles to be controlled inside of Visual Studio. In the Master Pages leave this blank:    (located inside the of the html code) In the Content Pages leave this blank:  Page Title=""  (located on the… Continue reading Dynamic Page Titles in ASP.NET

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Convert String to Integer

When data is received via a textbox it is a string. If you need to do calculations on this data then you need to convert the string into an integer. VB.NET C# Now the numbers can be added together to equal 40.

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Safari Fix for ASP.NET menu control

For web designers/developers using the the ASP.NET menu control you may find that your drop down menu doesn’t work for Macintosh users. Here is a quick fix. Just stick this code snippet in your Page_Load event: For C# (c sharp)   For VB.NET: Until next time....