Connect Alexa to your Google Calendar – using your Android phone

NOTE: I have an Android phone so these instructions are dedicated to Android users. If you use an i-phone, you can use the same process but the screenshots will look a little different. Connect Alexa to your Calendar and then you will be able to do things like this: Ask Alexa about your scheduled events… Continue reading Connect Alexa to your Google Calendar – using your Android phone

Smart Home

Home Security

Cheap Alarm System for Home Get it on Amazon. This is a "local sound" only system. The small devices go on the windows and there are 2 large motion detectors you can set up in different rooms. When someone opens the window a very loud noise is made and when someone walks in front of… Continue reading Home Security

Web Development

Load Web Control via Drop Down Bar

When you have a lot of information on one web page you can organize that data into groups. You can then program your page so that only a specific group of information is displayed at one time. Then add a drop down menu to your page and program it so that when a user makes… Continue reading Load Web Control via Drop Down Bar



What is SMX and who cares? Search Marketing Expo is the place to be for those responsible for various web pages of their company website to return on the first page in search results. Learn about keyword research, target audiences and how to mark up the code of your website to improve the SEO results… Continue reading SMX

Mobile Development

i-phone & i-pad Detection

Problem: Apple devices (i-phones, i-pads, etc) do not support Flash files but instead will just display a blank white page. This can leave the website visitor confused.  The Web Developer needs to create a message letting the user know that their browser doesn't support this feature and/or redirect them to a different web page with alternative content.… Continue reading i-phone & i-pad Detection

Mobile Development

Device Detection Code

Detecting device type based on features Basic logic: if (hasTouch) { if (isSmall) {device = PHONE; } else {device = TABLET; } } else {device = DESKTOP;} Device detected: function hasTouch() { return Modernizr.touch;} function isSmall() {return window.matchMedia("(max-width: 650px)").matches;} function detectDevice() { if (hasTouch()) { if (isSmall()) {device = 'phone';  } else {device = 'tablet';  … Continue reading Device Detection Code

Web Admin

Webmaster Tools

Listed below are some of my favorite tools: XML-Sitemaps Go to and enter the URL of your website. It will run up to 500 pages giving you an index of each web page on your site. This is useful for many reasons. You can submit it to Google when you first launch your website… Continue reading Webmaster Tools

Web Admin

Embed a Flickr Photo on your Website

Here is an image embedded from Flickr. The only reason I'm showing you this is for those wondering if you can link to images that you have hosted on one site and embed the image on your own website. Yes, you can do this. Here is the code:

Web Admin

Properly Delete a Web Page

How to delete a web page from search engine results: Remove Google's indexed copy of your web page. If you don't want a web page crawled anymore (out-dated page, no longer needed, replaced with a CMS page, etc.) you do 2 things: Step 1: Make the page inaccessible to search engine crawls: Ensure that each… Continue reading Properly Delete a Web Page

Web Admin

Add Tracking Code on your Links

In order to track how many times someone clicks on a link, you need to add some special code. But before you get started - first things first. If you haven't done so already, go set up an account on Google Analytics. Once you have verified your site you many continue. In this example I… Continue reading Add Tracking Code on your Links