My Current Situation

Hello World! My name is Susan Winters. I am a web developer both day and night.  During the day I work for a large corporation in which I manage the website content for several brands and create web pages when new products are launched. I am also heavily engaged in search engine optimization and social media for these brands. What I enjoy the most about being a Website Manager is the diverse set of skills that I get to use in my career! I absolutely love my job and look forward to each new day.  I guess you could say I’m into MarTech (Marketing + Technology).


My education began in multimedia technology where I earned a Level 2 certificate from Richland College in Dallas, Texas.  From there I transferred to Amberton University then completed my last year at AIU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Systems / Information Technology.  I am a lifelong learner and constantly taking courses thru membership accounts including Lynda.com, tutsplus.com, codeacademy, Microsoft Virtual Academy, freecodecamp.com and Udemy.

Web Development

My favorite IDE is Visual Studio but I also use Word Press for non-coded sites. While most people would prefer to sit back and watch tv in the evening or go play golf, I’ll be at my computer looking at source code. I enjoy learning new things and enjoy being surrounded by other people like me who eat, code, and sleep web development, video editing or seach engine optimization. My preferred platform is ASP.NET – using C#.  At work, I maintain two brand websites in SharePoint 2013 and one internal site in Visual Studio 2012 with ASP.NET 3.5 and VB.NET. They have recently decided to move the internal website into Oracle’s WebCenter tool so I’m learning that CMS tool on the job.

Search Engine Optimization

I have been developing websites since 1997 and many of these sites rank on the first page of Google for a list of specific keywords. This is because I studied SEO from Google Web Masters and implemented their suggestions into the numerous web pages I maintain.  I have attended numerous conferences on Search Engine Marketing including SMX West in San Jose, California.


My intentions for this blog is to write articles on the topics that I’ve learned from not only formal education but experience as well. I will also add a few posts of just “code snippets” for those that want to “grab & go”.

Feel free to add a comment – so long as you are nice. Spammers and rude people will just be blocked. Happy Coding!

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