Smart Home

Stop your Amazon packages from being Stolen!

Has your package been stolen from the front porch?

It is sad – I have seen several of my friends post that they come home to discover that their packages from Amazon has been stolen. This is especially sad around Christmas!

Here are the 2 things I did to prevent my Amazon packages from being stolen:

    1. Purchased an Amazon Key – door lock keypad that allows Amazon to open your door, place the package inside and then re-lock your door.
    2. Purchased the Ring doorbell – which video records anyone coming near my home.


Before you freak out, thinking you don’t want some Amazon employee entering your house – educate yourself on how this actually works! When you purchase the keypad lock, you also get the Amazon Camera. You place the camera on the inside of your house and it will automatically come on and start recording the moment your door is open. The Amazon employee will set the box down right inside the door and then close it and using an app on their device, lock your door back. (I recorded them doing this.)

Just do it folks! I bought mine a few months before Christmas. It was easy to install and I even hooked it up to my Alexa. (At night I say “Alexa, good night” and with that one command, all of the lights in the house are turned off except the lamp next to my bed and the front and back door are automatically locked. )

You don’t have to get the Ring doorbell too, but I did. I work from home so I’m shut inside my office most of the day – sometimes on a WebEx call. I don’t need to answer the door. But with the Ring camera, I can see who is there and talk to them from my desk if I want to.  Having the Ring doorbell is just added security for me.  If anyone besides Amazon delivers a package (FedEx, etc), I will see it when it is delivered and go retrieve it right away or call a neighbor to go by and pick it up if I’m not home. Either way – there won’t be anyone stealing packages from the front porch!

Do YOU have a smart home?

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