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Cheap Alarm System for Home

Get it on Amazon.

This is a “local sound” only system. The small devices go on the windows and there are 2 large motion detectors you can set up in different rooms. When someone opens the window a very loud noise is made and when someone walks in front of the motion sensors a very loud noise goes off. The noise doesn’t stop until you use the included remote that hopefully you have attached to your keychain (it comes with 2 remotes). This system is mainly to scare away intruders with the loud noise. Who wants to break into a house with that kind of attention?

The system does not include an app, so you won’t get a text message or anything if the alarm goes off. It really just alerts your nearby neighbors who will hear the loud noise. It’s not a “monitored” system that contacts the police. This is a DIY’ers alarm system may be on a low budget and just wants to deter thieves from their house or apartment. It’s very inexpensive and “will do” when you can’t afford a monthly charge of $35/month from a monitored systems like ADT. But with this system, since it doesn’t automatically call the police, you won’t have to pay $100/year for an alarm permit either.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, simple alarm system, I recommend getting this product. You can find it on Amazon.

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