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Law of Attraction – Target Audience

I am a believer in the Law of Attraction, have read the books, practiced the methods and have manifested my blessed life. I want to share with you my affiliate link to the (Book Series on Amazon.)  Basically, it teaches you that whatever you put out there (negative or positive) you will attract those things to you. It’s not what happens “to you” – it’s who you choose to be in the moment.  I choose happy.

Even Google and Facebook have created an algorithm for it. They call it “targeted ads”.  Facebook collects data about you, your likes, dislikes (even though there’s no button for that yet), the text in your posts, etc. This allows marketing departments to place their ads on Facebook to only people that meet a specific criteria.  Marketing Managers can choose who sees their advertisements and consumers, that know how this works, could (somewhat) control the ads shown on their Facebook page – either on the right side or in an in-feed article post.

The fact is, you can’t be on Facebook for any length of time without seeing an advertisement. So, if they are going to be there anyway, don’t you want them to be relevant to you? For example. I like dogs. So if I see a cute dog video or a pet adoption agency ad or a veterinarian – then I don’t mind. I had rather see those ads than for things I would have no use for – – (I won’t say because I don’t want to attract that)

I guess it’s a little funny when you compare Target Advertisements and the “Law of Attraction”.  Well, you will probably like this comparison better. Below is a video of a girl that created a short scary film about Targeted Ads, except her spin on it was that of paranoia – which is what makes it funny. Watch this video about a woman who becomes paranoid when she finally “wakes up” and starts to notice the ads that she is being served is based on her previous likes and dislikes.

Since I try to surround myself with positive energy, I do not click on in-feed Facebook ads or articles posted or ads on the right that have anything to do with who is our person seen a lot these days in public media politics. This helps prevent unwanted ads being served to me. So here is a hint. If you don’t like uh, Ducks…then never share images or videos (either positive or negative) about ducks and never type the word Duck into your post. You will just attract more Duck advertisements.

Want to learn more about the Law of Attraction? You can purchase it from here:

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