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Rank on YouTube & Google With a Video #CampsiteCoders

Yesterday I documented my success on getting “Campsite Coders” to rank on Google even before the website is complete.  Keep in mind, Campsite Coders is just a little “side project”.  I’m not seriously running it like I would a business – it’s just a hobby that I work on in the evenings and occasional weekends. So, actually ranking on Google is not a priority for me – not for this project.  (I do that enough during my day job.) But I wanted to do “just enough” SEO for the brand name so that I could include examples on my blog.

Because building out social media accounts is part of the web development process, I continued on to the next step which was getting the YouTube channel created for Campsite Coders. Late last night, I uploaded a short video to YouTube on the Campsite Coders YouTube channel – just because I didn’t want to leave the channel empty.  I also knew by doing that, that it would be the first video uploaded on YouTube using the “Campsite Coders” name.  So yes, I now have “Campsite Coders” showing up as the #1 position (as of today) on both YouTube and Google.  That was easy!


I just wanted to show you that uploading a video to YouTube is a step that you don’t want to forget to do when you’re just starting out (or you’re creating a website for someone else). It’s not only important to build websites, it’s also important to get those websites to rank.  Yes, SEO is usually handled by someone in Marketing, not I.T. , but it really helps them out if you go ahead and set the company up for success when you hand your website project over. Don’t wait until the end of your website project to start thinking about SEO and Social Media. Sprinkle it in as you go along.

I’m sure you know that Google owns YouTube, right? Perhaps that is the reason that this same little video is not only ranking #1 on YouTube, but it’s now ranking #1 on Google!  If I can do that with a video less than a minute long – I’m sure you can do the same for your company name! Nobody is looking for “campsite coders”, I’m sure! But they’ll be searching for your business – or your client’s business. So go upload something!


Toptal can thank me later for “advertising” for them. 🙂 But my work here is done.

I’m finished setting up the social media sites for Campsite Coders. Anyone that knows SEO, knows that its not something you do once and move on. SEO is a daily task. But I’m moving on to another phase of this project now.  I’m anxious to get back to actually writing code!

Coming up next: Setting up the Facebook Open Graph tags and Why.

Have fun coding!

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