Campsite Coders

Today, I want to introduce you to a new website that I created; Campsite Coders. Campsite Coders is a website that was built in one day and only contained one page the day I uploaded it to my web server. This website does not have a lot of content so the chance of it ranking very high in Google search results was very slim. That was the point!

Generally, a website should rank for a list of specific keywords related to the products or services it provides. But if nothing else, a website should at least rank for the company name or  brand name, in this case – Campsite Coders. But if you can’t get Google to rank your one page website, don’t fret! There is still a way to get your business found on Google.

I have been studying SEO for many years and have numerous web pages ranking on the first page of Google for specific keywords.  All of these ranking pages were created for various brands.  The way I learned to do that was by practicing and testing everything I read from Google on the subject of search engine optimization.  When I want to try something out just to see if it works,  I use one of my many personal websites.  At this time, I am using Campsite Coders to demonstrate how to get your brand on Google even before your website is complete!

My Process

The first goal of creating the website, Campsite Coders, was to hook it up so that I could get as much visibility as possible on the first page of Google. But in order to do that I knew I would need to set up a company with an address and phone number.  I started off by setting up Campsite Coders as a business in Colorado.  I then registered a domain name, set up a web hosting account and then uploaded my first web page to the server.


Now if you go to you will find that the website actually only has the bare minimum of pages required for a decent website – a main page, contact page, terms & conditions and privacy policy.  The main page is divided into sections and it contains a top navigational menu and a footer with copyright information, an address and phone number and links to the social media sites created to go with this website. Yes! It is extremely important to create a social media account on Facebook and Google Why? Let me show you.

First of all, I wanted to get Campsite Coders “on the map” – Google Maps that is. So, I went to my personal Google account and created a business account under it. I uploaded a photo for the cover and the profile image and filled out the business information including address and phone number.


After I completed this information and hit submit, there was about a two-week process to get verified. Once you complete the form, Google will mail a post-card to the address you registered. This post card will have a PIN. You then log in to your Google Business Account and type in the PIN from the post-card. This verifies that you are actually at this address and within two to three days, Google will add a marker on their Google Maps with your company.

Registering Campsite Coders on Google Business and verifying my address is what put my site / business in the top right corner of the search results page.


While I was waiting on the Google post-card process, I went over to Facebook and created a Facebook Community page for Campsite Coders. On this page I added a link to the website You will notice that the name following is my website name: campsitecoders. This website serves as the Facebook Business page that I later used for the Facebook App ID created for my Open Graph tags (I will write about this in a future article.)

It is by creating these two social media accounts that I was then able to appear on the first page of Google search results when someone types in “Campsite Coders” even before Google had indexed my website! Go ahead and go to Google and type in “Campsite Coders” and you can see for yourself.

The top 3 pages returned are from Facebook! – not my website. But because this Facebook account is linked to my website URL, anyone looking could find my site.



The next thing you will want to do is go to Google Analytics and set up your website so that you can track your visits. Google will give you a snippit of code that you copy/paste into the head section of your website. Tying your website to Google is important, not only for tracking visitors but it will also get your website indexed quicker.

I later created a Facebook Group page that is different from the Brand page (which is hooked up to the business). The Facebook Group page for Campsite Coders is as a closed group where you have to get permission to join. If you want to follow along with the process of this website being created (in my spare time), you are welcome to join the Facebook Group page.

I hope the information provided helps the person responsible for getting a website ranked on the first page of Google for their business name. Good luck!

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