Web Admin

Properly Delete a Web Page

How to delete a web page from search engine results:

Remove Google’s indexed copy of your web page. If you don’t want a web page crawled anymore (out-dated page, no longer needed, replaced with a CMS page, etc.) you do 2 things:

Step 1: Make the page inaccessible to search engine crawls: Ensure that each page returns a 404 or 410 status (because the file is no longer on your web server) OR Add the page to the disallow list in your robots.txt file (list multiple pages here) OR Add a metatag to the page:  (done to each individual pages)- to prevent just google add this metatag to the page: 

<script language="text/javascript">
<meta name="robots" content="noindex" />;

NOTE: For CMS pages; use the robots.txt file; you can’t add the metatag to individual pages because all of the dynamic content is displayed in the same page.

Step 2:  Sign into Google Webmaster Tools and use the “Remove URLs” tool  (takes 3-5 business days for Google to remove) aka “URGENT REMOVAL”.   Keep in mind this will destroy the SEO page ranking of this page. Remove Google’s CACHED version of your web page: The cached page appears if the browser is unable to return the page residing on your web server. (customer is off-line).  To clear out Google’s cached copy of your web site.
Add a metatag. Note: Using a no archive metatag removes only the “cached” link for the page. Google will still index the page.

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