Web Development

Dynamic Page Titles in ASP.NET

How to code DYNAMIC PAGE TITLES in your asp.net page:

This method allows for control of the SEO suggested Page Titles to be controlled inside of Visual Studio.
In the Master Pages leave this blank:    (located inside the of the html code)
In the Content Pages leave this blank:  Page Title=””  (located on the top line where you register the page)
In the code-behind of the page , type code like this:

// Set Page Title based on the CMS id#:

  pid = Convert.ToInt32(Request.QueryString["pid"]);
  Session.Contents["pid"] = pid;

     switch (pid)
     case 14: 
        this.Page.Header.Title = "Residential Garage Doors : Banner Series" 

     case 18: 
         this.Page.Header.Title = "Residential Garage Doors : Thermacore";

catch {
if (pid == 0)
     Page_Error("ContentID Missing");

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