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Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Pinterest

Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social media website. There are over 48.7 MILLION total users! Have you signed up yet? Although 80% of “Pinners” are female – and you may not be – if you sell products that women buy, you will most likely want to set up a Pinterest Business account and ‘pin’ images of your products so that women on the social media site can discover what you have to offer. Think of it like this – setting up a business page on Pinterest is a way for you to have free advertising. So why not sign up for Pinterest now?

Okay, so you’ve set up your pinterest account and perhaps you have even pinned a few photos that other people pinned. (This is called re-pinning). Did you know that 80% of pins on people’s boards are actually repins? What does this mean for you? Well, if you pin an original image to Pinterest there is a good chance that others will repin your image. Clicking the image will either lead a person back to a pinterest board or a web page – depending on how the image got on Pinterest in the first place. If you uploaded the image to Pinterest using the “from your computer” option – then clicking the image will lead them back to your board. Now this is one way to get people to notice your boards and hopefully follow one or more of them but if you want them to link back to your website or blog then you need to pin the image from the webpage. There are two ways to do this which I will explain.

Driving traffic to your website using Pinterest is what this article will explain.
Once logged in, go to your profile and click on the rectangle image that says ‘create new board’.

pinterest profile page

Next, give your board a name, description and choose a category.

create a pinterest board

Next, click the rectangle to ‘add a pin’.

add a pin button on pinterest

Now here is where you need to choose the correct option in order to drive traffic to your website using Pinterest! Remember, if you simply upload an image from your computer then the person will not link back to your website but instead they will link back to your board. So don’t select that option.

If you click the option ‘from a website’ and enter a url – Pinterest will search for that url on their site and if it exists it will lead you back to that board – which if this is your own website URL – then there won’t be images on this page that lead back to your website unless you have pinned an image using the pin button in your browser bar. Even though we are not going to use this method, I took you down this path so that you will understand how this option works and how images pinned within the Pinterest environment lead people back to boards.

Add a pin from a website for pinterest

So, what I hope to show you is that a lot of newbies don’t get this right. They take the easy way and pin images to their board from other boards – which will not lead people back to a website. Or they upload images from their computer – which will also not drive traffic to your website. So if you just want to take the easy way out – use the method above. But if you are ready to learn how to drive traffic to your website using Pinterest then keep reading. It requires a few additional steps but the end result will have pinners clicking to your web pages.

Now in order to get an image on Pinterest to link back to your website then you actually have to start at your website – not Pinterest. (Ah-ha moment!). But first you will have to install the ‘PIN’ button to your toolbar. I admit this is not easy to do if you don’t know what you are doing. The first time I tried I just gave up because the instructions provided were not that great! So hopefully I can do a better job of explaining it so you won’t have that much trouble figuring it out.

You will need to:
1. Start by making sure your toolbar is showing! If you don’t do this you will drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why step 2 doesn’t work!
Set up browser bar
2. Go to this page: and scroll down to the PIN button instructions. Click and drag that red button onto your toolbar.
install PIN button
You will get a pop up box asking if you want to install this – click ok. CONGRATS! You’ve just accomplished something a lot of people struggle with. Your pin button on your browser bar will look different depending on which browser you are using. IE looks like a page with the blue e on it and Google Chrome has a nice pretty P inside a red circle.
Pin it Button on Browser

3. Now navigate to the webpage of your site where you want to pin an image onto Pinterest. click the new Pin button in your browser bar and you will see a page pop up that shows you all of the images on that page that are able to be ‘pinned’. Roll over the one you want to upload to Pinterest and you will see a white “Pin it” button appear on top of the image. click it! For this example I have selected to navigate to a page on my tumblr account and select an image from there.

You will then get a pop up box to Create a Pin where you will select which Board you want it pinned on and a description of the image. The description in the box may contain text from a previous pin so just type over that.
create a pin for pinterest

After you save this another pop up box will let you click a button to go view it on your board now. I usually just ignore that and it disappears within 10 seconds. If you go immediately to the front page of Pinterest (and you are already logged in of course) you will see your newly pinned image appear. Look how this is on the top of Pinterest!

pin on top of pinterest

I’m not too excited because I know it won’t stay at the top very long – but it’s still kinda cool. Now if you look closely you will see that underneath the image you see who the image was pinned by (Pinned by Susan Reed) and onto which board it was pinned (onto WebSites). Now if you click on the pinned image it will take you back to the webpage that the image was pinned from. (You will need to scroll down the page to find this image). You can also get there by clicking on the button at the top of this pinned image titled Website or you can get to the webpage by clicking the text underneath the image that has the URL listed. But of course if you are not interested in finding out where this image originated from and you just want to share it then click the red “Pin It” button. But if you don’t want to do that and you just want to let me know that you like the image – then just click on the Like button with the heart next to it. You also have the option to email the image to someone by clicking the send button.
Pinned Image options

So you can see there are a lot of different options when it comes to your strategy of placing images on Pinterest. You may want people to simply like your image, you may want them to repin it so that that person’s followers will also seee the image or even email to a friend or co-worker. But the way to drive traffic to your website using Pinterest requires that you install the pin button into your browser and then pin the image from your website. I hope you have gained new knowledge of how Pinterest works and hopefully you too will soon be able to drive traffic to YOUR website using Pinterest. Good luck!

TIP: Research says that the best time to post to Pinterest is from 2-4pm and 8pm-1am. Drive traffic to your website from Pinterest by creating ‘pins’ (images) that when clicked link back to your website.

Here is one last thing. If you want to add a pin it button next to images on your website to make it easy for people to pin your images to pinterest without having to install the pin button – go to this link: Below is an example of what it will look like once you do this. I invite you now to go ahead PIN my image below by clicking the pin button. This will help other newbie Pinners find this article so they too can learn how to use Pinterest for business.

star wars

I’m a bit of a Star Wars fan so will see lots of Star Wars stuff on my Pinterest and other sites.

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