YouTube – Adding SEO to your Videos

Power Point to YouTube

Earlier this week I gave a presentation on Getting your Business on Social Media. I later took the power point presentation and converted it into a video and then uploaded it to YouTube and added music to the background.

If you are interested in this topic watch the video. If not, just read the long description I included underneath the video (only seen on the YouTube website not here on the blog).- Click “Show More” to see everything I wrote.  All of this information underneath the video was added for the purpose of SEO.  For SEO Video – this is the area that you need to make sure you fill out after uploading a video to YouTube (if you care about SEO).

Read my article about how I ranked on the 1st page of YouTube for a specific set of keywords – even though my video was just a cheesy screen capture of me dressed like a Jedi Knight.  Check this out!

NOTE: My previous name was Susan Reed. Now my name is Susan Winters. 



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