SEO Starter Guide

Google provides a starter guide for those wanting to learn SEO (search engine optimization). This document is a good read even if you are the business owner and will be hiring someone to do the SEO for you. Although it will show examples of the necessary code to add to your web pages, it also provides descriptive explanations as to what the code does. That is what you really need to know.

I tweeted a link to the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide on Twitter today:

Search Engine Optimization should be considered from the beginning of your website design. SEO is not something you do once and forget about – you need to implement SEO in all new pages that you create. You also need to understand it so that you can use it in your blogs. SEO is like science and math mixed together and can get a little technical and tedious but it is necessary if you want your website to be found in Google search results. If you have no idea where to start when it comes to hiring someone, go to and ask for a quote.

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