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How’s it rankin’?

So you have a website. Great. You type the name of your business in Google and you find your website. Awesome. Now think about this. How many people will go to Google and type in the name of your company? Most people go to Google and type in a general term like a service or product. So what do you sell? THAT word. Now in connection with your website – how’s it rankin? If you sell say, ‘garage doors’ and someone types that in the search box on Google, does your website show up? If not, that should be your goal – to get ranked for a keyword other than your company name.

You may not show up in search results for your highly desired keyword(s) but if you do a little investigation you might find that you are ranking for keywords you didn’t know you were. Curious to see what you might be ranking for? Okay, here’s how you can find out.

1. Log into Google Webmaster Tools.
2. Click on Traffic (menu on the left)
3. Click on Search Queries
4. Look at list.
5. Sort by Avg. Position.

The number listed under “Avg. Position” shows what position on Google your website showed up for when the word in the column “Query” was used.

Remember the Google report as described above is based on a date range so you will need to re-run it next week or next month depending on how progressive you are and what you are trying to accomplish.

Google Webmaster Tools

Since my list has 4,265 rows I will opt to download this table so that I can better read it in Excel. Click the button at the top of the page titled “Download Table” and select CSV. This will allow you to open the file in Excel. I prefer sorting in Excel so that I don’t have to keep clicking the next and previous button in Google Webmaster Tools. You can scroll through this long list to find the word you want to know if you are ranking for and if you are, what position you come up.

So, HOW’s IT RANKIN’? Now that you know what keyword(s) you rank for you can take advantage of that knowledge.

I love discovery of keywords to generate creative ways to improve a website and gain traffic. Google Webmaster Tools is just one of the many tools I use in my SEO work. If you run your own website you need to get it listed in Google Webmaster Tools, verify ownership and start learning how to use this free tool. Google Webmaster Tools is also where you upload your sitemap to Google which helps the Google bots crawl your pages. If there are any crawl issues, Google will send you an alert so that you can fix the problem with your website.

I think it’s so stupid when one guys asks another guy ‘hey, how’s it hangin’. Really? What would posses you to ask that? Where is your mind? Well, my mind is usually (99% of the time) on SEO. So that’s why I decided to title my article ‘how’s it rankin’? Just trying to make light on a subject of what most people would consider too technical. SEO is important if you own a website. There are things only your coders will be able to accomplish – but running reports in Google Webmaster Tools is something even a novice can do. The information is there. You just need to go get it. I hope you enjoyed my article and you’ve discovered a free SEO tool you can now use.

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