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I have been using Facebook and Twitter for awhile now but haven’t really done too much on YouTube. Why? Because although I spend time watching videos on YouTube, I didn’t really feel I had a reason to put anything on YouTube. Heck, over the past few years, I have only uploaded a handful of videos and even some of those I ended up deleting.

Most of my ‘spare time’ is spent learning new SEO tactics for improving websites and keeping up with changes to the Google algorithm to ensure certain websites stay on the first page of Google. But last night I took a course on SEO for YouTube videos. I learned things I didn’t even know existed. Have I been living under a rock? Maybe. But the things I learned about beating out your competition on YouTube for targeted words intrigued me. So I immediately wanted to go test out some of the things I learned. Again, in this scenario, it was not about how great of a video I could make, it was to test out some of the things I learned from class. I decided if I was going to upload a video I wanted to put it in the ‘comedy’ section because, well, most people know, SEO is very technical and can be very boring. So, I found an app on my iphone, added a photo and quickly created a 27 second video. I uploaded it to YouTube and played around with the tools they provide for adding bubbles and notes. I added my title and used the description area to place a little story about me being a SEO Jedi and learning from the ‘masters’. Inside are a few hints or reminders (depending on how informed you already are on the subject of SEO) about what you should be doing on your websites to ensure good SEO. (Oh, by the way, for those that are totally clueless….SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s what you do to get your page ranked in Google – with the ultimate goal being getting on page 1 for your targeted keywords.)

Although SEO may be a foreign subject to you – it’s kind of a big deal! There are millions of websites and videos about SEO. And in case you’re not a geek – Star Wars is kind of a big deal too! So I knew the competition for this was going to be ‘way out there’…. but here goes.

You can watch the video here on my blog page but if you watch it from YouTube’s website you can leave a comment on the page under the video. Here is the link:

My goal in creating this video was to simply show up in YouTube results when someone searched for ‘SEO Jedi’ using the searchbox on YouTube. Mission accomplished. Not only do I show up – I’m at the top of the page (right under the paid ads). Now I’m not sure if part of the reason I’m appearing at the top is because I have the latest video posted with those keywords in my title. I guess I will find out the answer to that question after someone new posts a video to YouTube using the same keywords. Even if short lived – I think it’s kinda cool that my video appears above a company video using SEO Jedi in their video title. I was also curious to see if I would show up in Google search results so here is a screenshot of that test.

SEO Jedi youTube

The conclusion to my SEO Jedi video test for YouTube is that uploading videos to YouTube can give you exposure on a different channel. My test was a personal test. But my takeaway from testing my personal video is that I got to test out video SEO on YouTube and now I can use this information to improve SEO for the company websites that I work on. If you own a business and have not yet uploaded a video to YouTube, I encourage you to do so. Be sure to add a link to your website in the description of your video so people can go to your website and learn more about you. Or if you don’t have a website – do what I did and add a link to your Twitter account.

May the force be with you!

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  1. Thanks. I just use the free version of WordPress for this blog and I got the template in the freebie template area. Once you log into WordPress go under Appearance and then select Themes. Hope that helps.

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