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How to Create a Pinterest Board Widget

This is cool! Did you know that if you have created a board on Pinterest that you can embed that board on your website? In case you don’t know Pinterest is a social network platform where people can share their photos. Use it for personal reasons to make collections of things you like or use it for business to showcase your products. Many people will find your photos on Pinterest but now there is a way for you to take those same photos and post them on your website so that people who view that might not be aware of Pinterest can now see your photo collection.

I use Pinterest to collect photos of interesting things I find across the web. Here is a screenshot of one of my boards.

This is how you create a pinterest board widget

First, create a board on Pinterest and add your pins. Now look at the top of the page and grab the url of your board. Here is mine:

Now copy it. Then jump over to the Widget Builder and create a widget of your board

Pinterest Widget
Select the board widget and paste in the URL of your board. Then click the red ‘build it’ button. You will then see a snapshot of your board and under that your code.

Now copy the code and paste it into your web page. You will also need to post the javaScript. That’s it! Now wasn’t that easy?
Did you try it? Oh, guess what. Pinterest Widget Board does not work with WordPress.

I like WordPress – sometimes. Other times I prefer to just write my own code!

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