Web Browsers

What version of IE do you have?

Often times the way a website appears is determined by the browser you are using. I, personally prefer viewing with Google Chrome because it supports CSS3 and HTML 5, whereas IE versions 8 and below do not. Mozilla Firefox is another good browser I often use. But sometimes I am viewing a website from a computer not owned by me and therefore I’m not at liberty to use a browser other than Internet Explorer. And more times than not – the version of IE on the machine has not been upgraded so the same website I viewed from another computer earlier that day, now appears different. Web Developers try to code in such a way that the elements on the page are displayed the same in all browsers – but sometimes that’s not possible. Not all browsers support all the options out there.

If you are ever having problems viewing a website, before calling the “help desk” or someone in IT to fix the problem, first see if the problem is on your end. Go check what version of IE you have! Even if you do call the Web Developer to fix the problem, the first thing he or she is going to ask you is “What browser are you using?”. And if you say “IE (aka Internet Explorer)”…. the next question will be: “What version?” So be prepared to answer those questions. Here are step by step instructions on how to do that.


If you are on a computer – owned by you – and you’re ready to upgrade your version of IE you can go to the Microsoft website and download the latest version of Internet Explorer. Don’t do this at work! Many companies want their I.T. Department to handle upgrades and you should not be downloading anything onto a computer that does not belong to you!

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