Creating an HTML email

You know how you get those fancy HTML emails with pictures of products on sale or whatever from your favorite (or not) retail store? Have you ever wanted to create something like that yourself?  I was asked to do this for someone at work today so thought there’s probably other people that want to know how to do this too so I’ll provide a short tutorial on how to do it. Okay, so  maybe you’re at the office and you  decide you want to invite people to attend a “lunch and learn” and provide them with a link to register for the event. Here is your opportunity to create a professional looking HTML email. First, locate an image with a light transparency so that the wording can easily be read when placed on top of it.  But you can take it even further and add a hyperlink to it. Wondering how?

If you are using Microsoft Office you probably already know that you can either attach images or “embed” them. For this project you want to “embed” the image.  Now in order for all recipients to be able to view the image without it being an attachment you’ll first need to upload the image to a web server. Perhaps you have a Flickr account or Google Picasa account – any public web server will work. Once you upload your image, view it in your browser and grab the full URL of the location of the image.  Then open Microsoft Office and on the top menu bar select Insert / Picture. When the dialog box opens look at the bottom line where it says “File name:”  In that box start typing “” and then the picture will appear in the body of the email.  Next, on the top menu select Insert / Textbox / Draw Textbox. Then draw a textbox on the image that’s inside your email. Then add the text you want to add. Then right-click inside the textbox and select  “Format Text Box”. Find the scrollbar for transparency and move it up to 100% so the image will come thru. If you want to hyperlink one of your words, select it and then on the top menu bar select Insert / Hyperlink and type the full url path you want to link to. That’s it!

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