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How to use Twitter

I have already written several presentations on Why Businesses Use Twitter so that’s not what this post is about. Instead this a quick version of  How To Use Twitter:

He’s a short overview video.

Quick Notes:
To make an “announcement” to the world, you “tweet” (140 characters or less). You can include a link to a webpage. *
Start by answering the question “What are you doing?”
But rememember, Twitter is a tool for listening. So ask a question and listen to your responses.

To write someone a message directly: use the @sign and their user name – example type @susanreednet
Note: They have to be following you in order to DM them. (DM – direct message)

To “listen” to all of the tweets of someone in particular – follow them.
To “listen” to what people are saying about your company or brand enter “company name” or “brand name” in the search box.

You don’t have to be on the computer to stay on Twitter – use your cell phone!
In your profile setting on Twitter, enter your cell phone number. You’ll then start getting text alerts of tweets.
You can also tweet from your cell phone by sending a text message to a special number Twitter will send you.
Add Twitter to your contact list in your cell phone and that special number as their phone number.

Twitter doesn’t charge for text messages – but your cell phone company does. You’ll probably want to pay for unlimited texting. [T-mobile offers unlimited texting for $20./month]

You can view twitter on your cell phone’s browser using:

Hope that helps get you started. If you’d like to follow me type follow @susanreednet as your tweet.

Have fun!

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