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Google announces the +1 Button

Today Google announced that they will be rolling out a new “service” called the  ” +1 ” button which looks to be a copy-cat version of Facebook’s ” like ” button. But in order to view the button, you’ll have to be logged in (to Google).  This will start to be a good indicator as to what people are interested in. You will see what website people in your social network recommend.  Just like filling out your profile information on Facebook – you also do this in your Google Profile. (You have one, right? – Here is mine: Those profiles use to have little visibility but with the launch of the +1 button, those profile pages are going to start becoming more useful in the future.

Have you noticed all the recent changes Google has made lately? Starting to see a pattern? It looks like Google is encouraging interactivity on the web and rewarding social businesses.  Remember when web developers created a web page full of testimonials? No need to do that anymore. People will start seeing “testimonials” via  the new “+1” button very soon –  right inside of the search results. Looks like blogging and sharing content should now be the focus of your internet marketing strategy!

View Google’s intro video:

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